Marriage & Family Workshops


Several POST- MARRIAGE CARE PROGRAMMES are organised by the Snehalaya Family Service Centre. CALL +91-22- 2444 8218 or 24468218 for details & bookings. Married couples are invited to regularly participate in this Marriage Enrichment programmes (MEP) and build stronger marriages & families.

Marriage Enrichment Programmes (MEP):

Sneha – Milan: For Young marriages

Sneha – Anubhav: Anger Management

Marriage Encounter (ME) : Week-end

Retrouvaille Week-end


Training for Family Cell & SCC animators on how to accompany young marriages

In the early years of marriage.


Sneha – Parenting – Parenting skills modules

Training for Family Ministry

Training of Family Cells (TFC)

Training for Family Animation (TFA)


FAMILY RETREAT -: Call Atma Darshan Tel.28363120

More details about some workshops

Sneha-Milan for Young Marriages (0-5 years) 3 hour workshop.

A three hour workshop for Young marriages in their infancy years. The workshop helps the couple to be aware of how they are coping in the first few months/years of marriage with a session on “Adjustments and Flexibility”.  Final session explores how differences between the sexes affect a relationship and how they develop a better understanding to build greater intimacy as a couple. Finally the participants get a hand-out called “5 magic hours”, a self-help guide to invest just 5 hours of quality time a week to build a good marriage.

Sneha-Anubhav Workshop for Marriages – 2 hours workshop

Inappropriate ways of expressing our anger and hurting our loved ones is a common issue many persons face. Anger management and Stress management is the main theme of this workshop. Participants learn how to understand the whole phenomenon of anger and its effects on the human physiology. Participants learn how to constructively deal with and appropriately express their anger and cope with emotional distress.



Residential Week-End for English Speaking only.

Intensive 48 hour Workshop on inter-personal skills and learning ways to deepen intimacy.

For Registration contact Snehalaya or Oliver & Annie (9820192737). Lionel & Maria Nazareth - ph.26116758/26631194/ (mob)- 9323403417.

3. As accommodation is very limited, the registration is on a first come first served basis.



Retrouvaille Programme for Couples

Retrouvaille is an International Community of couples committed to the continued healing of their marriages and helping other marriages. Good Marriages means good families.

This invitation goes out to every couple facing small or big challenges in their marriage. If you want to make your marriage a covenant of love and experience forgiveness and healing then you are called to enroll yourself at the forthcoming Retrouvaille weekend to be held in Mumbai & Bangalore. For details log in to or call : Snehalaya Tel. 2444 8218 & 2446 8218 (10 am – 1pm & 4 – 7 pm) or +91  86522 35551 (after office hours)