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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Some frequently asked questions:

Which is the better programme, the 1-day, 2-day non-residential or Weekend residential Course?

The programmes are different in content and approach. The week-end is better as a proximate preparation, and other courses as immediate preparation for marriage. The English one-day course is now exclusively designed for NRI and is held twice a year.. The two day "Sneha-Encounter" course combines the best of the One Day & weekend Engaged Encounter course. "Sneha-Encounter" is a mass module workshop with a average group size of 150 participants. "Engaged Encounter" is for small groups and both have to be present for the same workshop. In 2007 we have started a new non-residential course "Sneha-Vivah" in AC Conference Rooms at a hotel.The ideal would be to do both a residential and non-residential.Both are different in content and style.

Do we have to be present for the whole course?

Yes, you have to be present for the whole course to get the certificate. Marriage is for a life-time. Don't you think one-two day is too little by way of preparation for a life time, given the fact that for a profession which will run until retirement you have to put in so many years? And marriage is a life-time commitment, 24 hour affair, not just a 8 or 9 hour job daily?

Can non-Catholics attend these courses?

Yes, you can get your non-Catholic friends to attend the course. It is understood that there will be some catholic content in the course.

What is the reporting time and what time does it end?

The reporting time at the site is 8.30 a.m. and the programme ends around 7.00 p.m. (with mass you can safely count the ending as 7.30p.m. )

Cancellations: How do we go about it? And do we get a refund of our money?

As arrangements have to be made for the food, resource material, etc. we need advance notice of cancellations. The earlier you cancel the better. You can then get a refund but with a deduction of Rs. 50 as cancellation fees.

Can we change from veg to non-veg or vice versa, and how do we do it? And when?

Inform us earlier, even a phone call will help. Mention your admit-slip number.

Do we have to come in person to register?

This has become necessary because of the problems we have been facing. We would like to see that all is done well with you and you get a certificate with your name spelt properly etc

What about a change in name, if the name is miss-spelt, at registration, how do we correct it and when?

Such changes and corrections should be intimated as soon as possible, the latest being a week before the course.

What about the certificate? When will we get it?

The course attendance certificate is given to each participant after successfully completing the course at the end of the programme after mass. Successfully completing the course means: s/he has attended all the sessions, completed all the session worksheets and the organisers are satisfied with the quality of participation.

When does Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday come in the years ahead?