Overcome Pornography Addiction

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Pornography Addiction Counselling


Written by Joe Zychik

A pornography addiction can best be described as an obsessive relationship with a fantasy.

 It is a special class of sex addiction distinct from promiscuity, compulsive masturbation, anonymous sex, pedophilia, phone sex, fetishes, voyeurism, etc. For some sexually addicted people, pornography has little appeal. For others, their entire sex addiction revolves around pornography. For many others, pornography is a supplement to their regular sexually addictive behavior. 

Pornography gives the user the illusion that each and every one of his or her addictive sexual compulsions can be met through fantasy. It can be described as an obsessive relationship with a fantasy. Pornography, like any other sex addiction, becomes the user's fix. The user becomes so enraptured, they end up destroying good relationships, spending hours and sometimes days cruising the Internet for porn and throwing out thousands of dollars on illusions.

At first it is almost impossible for someone caught up in a pornography addiction to believe that he or she can find real sexual enjoyment and better sexual pleasure with a person instead of a fantasy. However, with effective counseling, a genuine relationship does become the pornography addicted person's preferred sexual interest.

Some people addicted to pornography would rather have sex with their partner than with a pornographic fantasy. Yet, they keep returning to pornography because they don't know how to overcome their addiction. For them, learning and applying the principles of overcoming addiction is the issue.

Some pornography addicts believe they have the best of both worlds: their relationship and their addiction. Their belief is mistaken. In fact, they live with a severely limited relationship and a hidden addiction. One of the great rewards of overcoming a pornography addiction is the ability to be fully committed to another person in a loving way, having nothing to hide and enjoying great, loving sex.

The Pornography Addiction Interview

Pornography addiction and responsibilities: Do you neglect responsibilities to surf the Internet for pornography?

Progressive pornography addiction: Have you noticed that your need for pornography has increased over time?

Pornography addiction and relationships: If you are in a relationship, has your partner complained about being neglected?

Dependency and pornography addiction: If you are not in a relationship, have you ever felt that pornography is your one consistent companion?

Finances and pornography addiction: Do you wish you could stop spending so much money on pornography?

Obsession and pornography addiction: Do you have favorite pornography stars?

Real life and pornography addiction: Do you find that the more you use pornography the less interested you become in real life?

Shame and pornography addiction: Do you sneak or hide your use of pornography?

Loss of control and pornography addiction: Do you find that you cannot tear yourself away from pornography?

Effects of pornography addiction on relationships: Have you lost relationships in the past because of your pornography use?

Conflict and pornography addiction: Is a relationship you are in now threatened because of your pornography use?

Escape and pornography addiction: Do you wish that you could spend all your time watching pornography?

Alienation and pornography addiction: Do you feel that people do not understand your use of pornography?

Sexual impotency and pornography addiction, part I: Are you dependant on pornography as a stimulant for real sex?

Sexual impotency and pornography addiction, part II: Do you find that you can be sexually potent with pornography but not with a real person?

If reading through these questions aroused feelings of "that's me and I wish it wasn't so," you are addicted to pornography and you are not happy about it.

With an effective approach and honesty on your part, you can overcome your addiction and reap the benefits of living life in reality, and discovering that fantasy sex is not nearly as enjoyable as genuine, loving sex.

If you already know that the best sex is loving sex with a real person, then you simply need to learn the principles of effectively overcoming a sex addiction and how to apply them.