Season of Advent 2020 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

Build your Family Crib

In Advent spend time to prayerfully build up your family Crib: Follow the Instructions:


We encourage all families to build up their own family crib in four stages, during the four weeks of Advent. This plan is not based on the liturgy of the four Sundays but on the persons usually depicted in cribs.

On the first Sunday, the family focuses on the Shepherds, the first ones to hear the good news about the birth of Jesus. We add the shepherds to the crib.

On the second Sunday, the focus is on Joseph, who is installed in the crib. On the third week, we dwell on Mary, who is added to the crib and finally in the last week of Advent, we turn our attention to Baby Jesus who is set in the crib.


1. Watch the Introductory Video for a simple method to create a cut-out Crib. Follow the instructions and create your own family cut-out Crib. If you cannot do this use your traditional family Crib statues.

2. Download and print the Family Prayer Services given on this website and use the Weekly Family Prayer guidelines:

a. First Sunday: Focus on the Shepherds

b. Second Sunday: Focus on Joseph

c. Third Sunday: Focus on Mary

d. Fourth Sunday: Focus on Baby Jesus

Snehalaya Family Service Centre

Fr Cleophas Fernandes