Helping To Build Stronger Marriages and Families

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What are couples preparing for marriage expecting?

Watch the video: Marriage Preparation Course - a blessing or a burden?


Who can access the MPC programme on our website?

  • All couples who are preparing for marriage, both those living in Mumbai and in other parts of the country.

  • All couples living abroad and planning to get married in Mumbai.

  • All priests and especially those who are dealing with couples in parishes . Priests can mention the name of any couple.

  • All married couples who are planning to renew their marriage commitment for one reason or the other.

  • Registration at NO COST


Engaged Encounter

The Engaged Encounter is offering an online course for marriage preparation. To register for the same, please click on the link below. This program is for couples only, NOT singles.

For further details, you can email ''

Fr. Cleophas

About Us

Snehalaya Family Service Centre is a not-for-profit NGO that helps families in Mumbai , India . In a mega-city like Mumbai, the stress and strain of living, with problems such as poverty, lack of proper housing, displacement, unemployment and underemployment, socio-cultural differences, marital discord, etc., proves too overwhelming for many individuals and families. Under this stress many individual feel lost, tried beyond their endurance, frustrated and defeated. People can seek help when capacities for responding to the demands of life are strained, when desired growth seems unattainable, when important decisions elude resolution and natural support systems are unavailable or insufficient. MORE>>>