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World Marriage Day 2023 at St Francis Xavier Church, Panvel

“Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is our gift to Him”

St Francis Xavier at Panvel made 12th February 2023 a unique experience for married couples of our parish. Through a creative promotional campaign, all Married Couples of our parish were invited to celebrated World Marriage Day, to cherish our covenantal love and the sacredness of our marriage bond.  

The evening began with a Mass exclusively for married couples, recreating the same experience as our nuptials. The Church pews were beautifully decorated with flowers and placards that spelt out verses about love from 1 Corinthians 13. The interactive homily by our Priest-in-charge concluded with time for introspection and sharing. We were asked to reflect on what our spouse means to us and the little things that our spouse does for us that we are truly grateful for and to share this with our spouse. This little exercise was an eye-opener, as it made us feel so much gratitude for the gift of the significant other in our life. It was also a truly overwhelming experience when we renewed our marriage promises, creating a very nostalgic feeling, going back to the time when we said “I do” to one another, with Jesus as the centre of our relationship. Then followed the blessing of our wedding rings, with the celebrant reminding us of its significance.

After the mass there was a breath-taking evening planned for us by our Priest-in-charge and his organising team. As the couples processed from the Church to the parish ground floor hall, entering  the venue to the Bridal March, it brought back memories and made us feel really special. One of the couples cut a cake, symbolically, on behalf of all the married couples present. The decor of the venue was also so very tastefully done. It was a perfect date-night setup, with tables designated for each of the couples. With cake and wine served, there was a toast by a Youth of our parish who expressed how they, as children, have experienced the beauty and sanctity of marriage through the life they have seen us share. We then had the Grand March where all the couples had to join in and continue dancing to the choicest music of yester years.

Then followed some witty and rib tickling games for all especially curated for couples by the organising team. The Photo Wall, with wedding photographs of all the couples in attendance was a hit, with all trying to figure who was who. The great retro music with slow numbers moving into jive and then to the rocking the Bombay Masala saw couples in their element

It was Indeed an evening to reminisce for life, with good company, laughter, music and a sumptuous buffet. We salute to this night when we celebrated our love and our marriage. 

- Melita Peris