Year of the Family | Amoris Laetitia |

Snehalaya Family

19 March 2021 to 26 June 2022

Year of the Family 2021-2022 Prayer to the Holy Family

Initiate a Daily Family Prayer in every home

YOF Prayer Card.pdf

Resource Paper 9

Caring for the Young and Elderly

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Resource YOF 8.pdf

Resource Paper 8


Snehalaya offers you a valuable Resource Paper No 8 for the Year of the Family on going reflection and prayer with relevant suggested activities and prayer in families.

Fr Cleophas Snehalaya

Advent Resource for activity and prayer in families

Resource Paper 7


Snehalaya offers Parish Family Cells and every family, activity based Advent resource material for reflection & prayer in families. Please acess and forward it to families in your parishes.

  • Snehalaya Family Service Centre.

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Resource Paper 6

Service and Generosity

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Resource Paper 5

Aspects of Love: The Virtue of Patience.

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Resource Paper 4


Resource YOF 4 - Violence in Families.pdf

Year of the Family - Biblical basis for Marriage and Family Life | Video Talks by Fr. Michael D'Cunha

  1. Marriage in the Scriptures

2. The Biblical Story of Ruth

3. The Story of Hosea

The Sacrament of MarriageResource Paper 3

The Sacrament of Marriage

Video Talk by - Fr. Terence

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Year of the Family – Resource Paper 2

The Changing Scenario of the Family today

The Changing Scenario of the Family today

Video Talk by - Fr. Ashwin

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Year of the Family – Resource Paper 1

Marriage in the Scriptures

We in Mumbai inaugurate the Year by launching the themes .

See the Introductory Resource Material for Theme 1

Initiate a Daily Family Prayer in every home (See Prayer Card)

Watch carefully the Video talk on 'Marriage in the Scriptures'

Plan follow up activities in each parish/deanery.


Cleophas Fernandes

Marriage in the Scriptures

Video talk by Fr. Michael D'Cunha

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